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We are convinced that an international appearance is indispensable to succeed during times of continuous globalization. Which event could be more suitable than the South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, to make one’s mark? In 2016 we supported 5 german startups on their journey to SXSW, which allowed them to step one further and turned out to be an immense contribution to their growth. Due to the great success of this strategy, we decided to continue supporting 4 selected startups in cooperation with the German Haus and Initiative Musik in 2017.

Below you will find the startups we accompanied in 2016 and 2017.

Supported startups 2017

Harder, better, Faster, stronger – ANTELOPE.SPORTSWEAR increases training efficiency. This athletic clothing of the future is a combination of premium sportswear and wearable technology. ANTELOPE is composed of compression sportswear with integrated electrodes, a smartphone-sized power device, as well as an app to control the whole system. Muscle contractions during training are strengthened through external electrical impulses, increasing the intensity and efficiency of every workout.

Antilope uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), a technology originally used by professional athletes and in rehabilitation programs. Celebrities like Usain Bold, Rafael Nadal or soccer teams like Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have already been benefiting from the effects of EMS technology.

The start-up evopark was founded in 2014 with the aim to reinvent car parking. A parking card opens barriers in the car park by RFID radio. The user pays cashlessly and comfortably at the end of the month. The evopark map is supplemented by a free app, which shows free car parks in the area and navigates there on request. Renowned business angels have invested in the company. In June 2016, Porsche also participated in evopark with a seven-figure amount – the very first investment of the automobile manufacturer in a start-up. With the support of High5 evopark will present its recent work to an international audience and potential customers at SXSW Interactive.

Grammofy offers the opportunity to get to know new musical worlds as well as to browse through well-known composers and artists from different classical epochs. The streaming service delivers weekly curated „Collections“, in which selected works are presented and accompanied by background information in podcast format.

The young start-up by founder Lukas Krohn-Grimberghe aims to appeal to new target groups in addition to classical music by making classical music more accessible for online streaming.

HOLOPLOT has developed a groundbreaking professional loudspeaker system, consisting of hardware and software, which redefines the way how sound can be applied and perceived. The technology allows to send audio waves like light, therefore it can be precisely determined where the sound will be heard or – maybe even more interesting – where not. On top of that, it’s sound beams have almost constant volume over distance, a drastic innovation to conventional systems, allowing HOLOPLOT to bring the same audio quality to anyone in the audience, independent of the distance to the sound system.

Supported startups 2016

Share data without losing control. Datarella provides data science as a service, delivering every step of the data science stack: Storage architecture, data processing, analytics and modelling, and visualization. Datarella excels in mobile data, collected via sophisticated app frameworks for iOS and Android. Data is secured and controlled through the cloud via Datarella’s Data Trust, a data provenance regime built on blockchain technology.
Starting from the actual need of the customer, they begin in setting up a first test application to learn and evaluate. With mobile and IoT frameworks, Datarella provides the technology to generate and collect data for its clients.

This German technology startup, has developed a software to plunge into virtual worlds via ears. The dearVR 3D audio reality engine virtualizes all different kinds of acoustic settings with in depth realism to be used in audio production for virtual reality, games, 360° video, music and many more. The technology works with any pair of headphones and produces a realistic, three-dimensional sound space around the listener. “From a car to a cathedral, from a small alley to a concert arena – with the included 45 virtual acoustic presets nearly any virtual scenario can be simulated.”, announced co-CEOs Achim Fell and Christian Sander.

Founded 2014 in Berlin, Lofelt is on a mission to design innovative technology that shapes the way we create, perform and listen to music in the digital era. The founders, Daniel and Gwydion, come from two of the world’s leading music tech companies, Ableton and Native Instruments with a track record of releasing user-friendly technology and building high-performance teams.The Basslet is a revolutionary bracelet for music enthusiasts. It lets you feel the bass in music flowing through your body. Every beat, every bass note directly touches you – gives you an immersive, all-encompassing music experience. It is the first true wearable to let you experience both sound and feeling in a timeless, minimalistic design.

The Brandenburg Startup has developed an app that allows you to create music through your own hand movement by analyzing them and generating data into electric sound. So do not dance to music, but make music to dance. Raise your arms – sound becomes louder, lower your arms – music becomes lower. The pace of movement influences the liveliness of the melodies and the rhythmic accompaniment. The classical composer Mark Moebius and producer Artur Reimer first ever presented their innovative product at the SXSW Interactive 2016 in Austin.

Smoope stands for SMOoth OPErator and helps businesses to get ready for the mobile age. The SaaS startup, based in Stuttgart, specializes on Messaging as a Service (MaaS) and was founded by Halil Mandal and Eleftherios Hatziioannou in 2013 when they were looking for a better way to connect Halil’s telco shops with their (mobile) customers. The vision: No one should waste time in hotlines or waiting in line at a shop. Fast forward two years the idea has become more than “just” an app and has turned into a platform of secure and smart messaging technology, which is used by over 300 companies from different industries, who cover various use case with it: from customer service, to mobile recruiting and collaboration.

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