iSQI Scrum Master Pro


iSQI Scrum Master Pro

This e-learning gives an excellent introduction to Scrum and makes the participants a true Scrum Master. At the end of the e-learning course, a certification examination takes place, which is conducted by the International Software Quality Institute.

529,- EUR

iSQI Scrum Master Pro

6 chapters, 720 mins

Access authorization:
6 months


inclusive & online (iSQI – FLEX Exam)

Audit scope:
60 mins (15 min time extension possible for non-native speakers), 40 questions (65% pass rate)

6 chapters to the next level:
iSQI Scrum Master Pro

What is Scrum?

What is Scrum? · What is Agile? · What makes traditional models fail? ·
History and Background of Agile · Agile Manifesto · Twelve Principles of Agile · Common Attributes of Agile · What makes Scrum successful? · What Agile is not


Scrum methodology?

· Overview of Framework and Ceremonies · Attributes of Scrum · Scrum Values · Scrum Core Practices · Typical Scrum Artefacts ·Typical Scrum Ceremonies · Scrum Teams · Roles and Responsibilities · Balanced Set of Skills · Time Boxing and Time Boxed Development

90 mins

User stories

·What are User Stories? · Format and Content of User Stories · Techniques for gathering User Stories · Epics · Acceptance Criteria · Story Reviews · Story Estimation (Poker Planning) · Story Prioritisation

150 mins

Scrum planning

· Release Planning · Adaptive Planning · Sprint Planning · Backlog · Taskboards (Scrum boards) · Spikes · Burn down charts (Release and Sprint) · Definition of Done · Scrum for large projects · Scrum Methods and Enterprise Projects · Multi-team Coordination / Planning

90 mins

Sprint, Sprint Review & Retrospective

· Design · Development · Testing · Debt · Tools and Automation · Daily Scrum · Sprint Review · Retrospective and Continuous Improvements

270 mins

Other methodologies explained appendix

· Extreme Programming (XP) · Lean Software Development · Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) · Rational Unified Process (RUP) · Agile Unified Process (AUP) · Crystal Methods (Team Size)

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